What We Do

Reservation Security

We help to maintain the safety and every day living of the Yamassee residential community.  You are only allowed if invited by a resident or the tribe. Check with the Yamassee Website for our events, or call call 803-702-1010 if you wish to visit.

Housing Renovations

We are constantly trying to upgrade the living conditions on the reservation. Roof repairs, new porches or stairs, new floors, etc. We also assist some low income families in the community with repairs and furniture.


Agriculture is one of the Yamassee way of survival.  We grow as much food as possible depending on the participation of the tribe and some community residents.


Education is key to the Yamassee. It is vital that our children learn the ways of the world, past and present, The acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, morals, beliefs, and habits. Our educational methods include teaching, training, storytelling, discussion and directed research. Traditional and cultural

Cultural Events

The Yamassee Cultural events are designed for tradition. They are events of some importance related to our tribal art, culture and values. These events aim to ensure that our people never forget! 

— Arts And Crafts

Our Arts and crafts describes a wide variety of activities involving the making of things with our own hands. Arts and crafts for the Yamassee, is not a hobby, it is a way of life and survival.