Redcrows Foundation

Redcrows Foundation is a 501(c)3 Private Foundation, located in the Fairfax/Allendale, SC areas.  Our mission is to be able to stabilize the Yamassee Indian Community. By this we mean the community security, housing renovations, farming, education, cultural events, clothing, arts and crafts, travel, etc…  There is so much to be done.  The Yamassee Indians are a proud Tribal Nation who receives no assistance what so ever from the Government  because they are not federally recognized.  But, in the Statute At Large, Great Britain recognized the Yamassee Nation, and issued a Statute for the better settlement of the Yamassee.  Throughout time, they have been written out of history, but then shown to still be here, surviving on their own.  Continuing with their traditional culture, passed down throughout generations.

We also aim to assist the communities surrounding the Yamassee Indian Community and its residents.  This can be done in utility assistance, medical, education, scholarships, stipends, weatherization, clothing, maternity, home economics, and so much more.  We want to be there for our elderly who is living on their small disability or retirement.  Some elderly people in the community have no one to come to see about them, help them clean their homes, assist them with their grocery shopping or paying their bills.  We will be there!  We want to be the Angels that they pray for, and do as much as feasibly and financially possible to make their last days loving days with no stress.

We all were placed on this earth to work together, help each other, and love one another.  It doesn’t matter what background you come from.  If you sincerely need us, we want to be there.  From elderly banquets, field trips, and home care, we want to be there to help, and therefore need YOUR help in order to succeed in our mission.  Where it be materials, fundraisers, or funds, any and all of your donations are FULLY TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

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